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Easy Way to Make the Little Girl's T-shirt More Cute and Femine

There are different methods to change the little girl's T-shirt to a cute one. Do you want to make the T-shirt more feminine? With simple steps, you can change the common T-shirt more sexy and feminine. Follow me to get more details if you are interested in the topic and the methods.

First of all, prepare things you will need, like Flame retardant sock, scissors, T-shirt and so forth.

Second, if your T-shirt is too baggy or over-sized, alter it for a slimmer, more feminine fit. Create ruffles or pleats and add them to the neckline or sleeves by using the remaining fabric scraps. Look for decorations like fabric flower or sparkly silver fabric trim at sewing or craft stores. Use glue, or pins or sewing machine to apply them to the shirt.

Third, use sewing machine to stitch a ribbon around the sleeves or you can use pin to sew it. Tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow. Purchase pretty scraps of fabric like lace, ribbon, or chiffon and use them to line the sleeves, neckline or shirt bottom and so forth.

Fourth, apply rhinestones or sequins in a pattern on the shirt front. Pleat a long piece of fabric that is the same color as the shirt to make a pleated neckline. To feminize the look, you can ruffle the sleeves or shirt bottom.

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