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Do You Want to Print Picture on a T-shirt?

T-shirt is popular among people in all over the world in all walks and in different ages. There are various kinds of T-shirts both in domestic and international markets actually. But, it is still difficult for you to find your expected one with your favorite picturers, right? Don't worry since we will give you a brief introduction on how to print picture on T-shirt in this article.

First of all, prepare things you will need, like T-shirt, Fire retardant base layer, photo software, printer, plain paper, scissors, iron, ironing board. Turn the T-shirt inside-out before washing it to help protect the picture. When working with hot irons and transfer paper, you should be careful.

Second, choose T-shirt transfer paper that is compatible with the type of printer you have and the T-shirt color you want to use. You can choose light or dark as long as your requirements and favorites.

Third, open your photo editing software, like Photoshop and open the picture you like on the T-shirt in your software. You can edit the size and picture as your requirements to fit it on your T-shirt. You should flip it horizontally if you want it to look the same on the T-shirts as it does on the screen. Print the picture on plain paper to ensure it looks the way you want. Adjust it as you want.

Fourth, you should follow the loading instructions to load one sheet of the shirt transfer paper in your printer. Print the picture on the flame resistant clothes. Place the clean, dry cotton T-shirt on an ironing board or firm, heat-safe surface.

Fifth, set the iron to high temperature and smooth any wrinkles in the T-shirt. Position the iron-on transfer on the T-shirt with the picture facing down. Iron it in place following the transfer paper instructions. Wait for a few seconds for the transfer paper to cool, then carefully peel off the transfer paper backing.

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