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How to Design Your T-shirt to Make It More Cute?

As we all know that, there are various kinds of T-shirts and each T-shirt has various kinds of designs. You can make it more cute if you follow the following tips below. What should be prepared is just scissors, basic T-shirt actually. Just with simple steps, you can get a cuter T-shirt, Flame retardant sock. You should cut a small amount at a time since it is easier to trim it shorter rather than to make it longer after your cut. Follow me to get more details.

First of all, put your T-shirt on a table. Decide which kind of T-shirt do you like. Ensure that all of the seams of both the front and the back match up.

Second, you are advised to begin with the neck since most basic T-shirts have a rather thick neck seam which can be easy to work with. You sould cut slowly below the collar seam. To cut a broad arc across the neck area fro shouler to shoulder. Move on to the sleeves after the neck area has been finished. Shorten the sleeves by slowly cutting around the bottom seam of each sleeve.

Third, turn your attention to the overall length of the fire retardant clothing when the neck and the sleeves have been done. Well, the shorter, the better. Take about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of the t-shirt, again following the path of the bottom seam, and cutting in one continuous motion.

Fourth, don't forget to have a long strip of T-shirt fabric left. Take it and wrap it around your it as a belt. With just a few snips you have transformed your boring T-shirt into a cute top.

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