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How to Keep the Normal Appearance of Wool T-shirt After Washing?

T-shirt varies in materials, sizes, styles and colors and so forth and it is popular among consumers in all over the world. And the T-shirts are easy to be found both at home and abroad. Have you ever confronted with such kinds of problem that your shirt is distorted or not in normal appearance after washing? It is normal that wool T-shirt will be distorted actually. Buy some tips for you can help solve such problem. After washing, the wool T-shirt may shrink size which makes it difficult or impossible to wear.

Do you want to stretch your shirt to its old size. What should you prepare is water, nonabrasive soap and conditioner used for your hair. But you are not advised to use heat to dry your shirt. Here we will tell you how to get a Fire retardant base layer back to normal after washing.

First of all, use water and conditioner to fill a large container. Submerge the wool shirt into the mixture and gently pulling at it to help stretch the fibers.

Second, use water and soap to fill a large container. Then what should you do is to submerge the wool shirt into the container and let it sit there for about 15 minutes before pulling at it.

Third, wait for the shirt to dry naturally in the well-ventilated areas.

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