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Do You Want to Make a DIY Sock Corsage?

The sock corsage can be used for shower or baby birthday. It is beautiful and make it with different colors actually. In order to make a DIY sock corsage, you should prepare things, like 2 pair of newborn socks, like Flame retardant sock, wire, floral tape, wire cutters, scissors, tiny silk flower sprigs, ribbon bow, stem of pearl spray, miniature pacifiers, diaper pin, nylon net and so forth.

You are advised to put corsage into a baggie or gift bag to keep it clean before your delivery. Pin a corsage with floral stems facing down. Ensure that all wires are covered to keep clothing from being torn actually.

Step 1
Assemble sock roses and set aside. Make two sock roses by floral tape a stem of silk babies breath, forget-me-knots or other filler flowers to the stem of the sock rose.

Step 2
Cut nylon net in three 1/2 inch wide rectangles. You should fold the rectangle of netting in half and pinch tightly in the middle. Insert the wire through the pinched bottom of the piece of netting and floral tape together. Pick up a sock rose and hold nylon net piece next to it. Floral wrap them together. Floral tape each rose stem to one another.

Step 3
Then tie on bow at the back bottom end. You can choose to use diaper pin or corsage pin to fasten the sock corsage to the garment.

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