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How to Use Sock to Make Cellphone Holders?

As you can see, cellphone is more and more popular among people in all over the world. And cellphone holders are designed to help protect your phone from dropping or damaging actually. Various kinds of cellphone holders can be found easily both in domestic and international markets, but you will find that they are costly. Actually, you can make DIY cellphone holders by yourself as long as you prepare a sock, especially Flame retardant sock .

First of all, prepare things you will need, like a flame retardant sock, scissors, phone, needle and thread or sewing machine, strong craft glue. Well, a child's sock size 4 is the perfect size, but any sock will do actually.

Second, lay your phone down on the sock to measure how big you need your phone sock to be.

Third, cut the excess material off the bottom of the sock. Use needle and thread or sewing machine to flip the sock inside out and stitch up the bottom. The strong craft glue will be another choice if you can't sew. Bond the edges together.

Fourth, what should you do next is to turn the sock right side out.

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