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Tips on Making Sock Turtle Puppet

Do you love the little turtle? Actually, many people keep turtle as their pet. There are various kinds of turtles and also the turtle dolls, puppets and so forth. Do you want to make a DIY sock turtle puppet? You can make the puppet with socks, like Flame retardant sock. Well, follow me to get more details if you say yes.

First of all, prepare things you will need, like 2 sheets felt, scissors, two googly eyes, glue gun, sock, like flame retardant sock and so forth. You'd better prepare socks with differnt colors, like green, brown, black and grey. Children should be supervised when using a hot glue gun to avoid burns.

Second, put the sock on your hand. Place your fingers into the toe of the sock and your thumb into the heel to create the turtle's mouth.

Third, you should cut a small semi-circle out of the pink or red felt for the tongue and use the glue gun to affix it to the inside of the mouth. Then glue two googly eyes to the sock directly above your finger joints by using the glue gun.

Fourth, what should be done is to cut 2 oval shapes out of the remaining felt. Draw a turtle shell pattern on each felt oval by using markers or fabric paint. The 2 oval should include a top turtle shell and a bottom turtle shell actually.

Fifth, glue the felt turtle shells to the sock puppet and place the top of the shell over the top of your hand and place the bottom of the shell under the palm of your hand. Cut your turtle legs out of felt and glue them to the sock in the space between the top of the shell and the bottom of the shell. Wait for the glue to dry.

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