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To Adjust Your Bra Strap Properly Is Good for Your Health

Although bra is common to the female, more and more current studies show that many women or girls are wearing bra in wrough size, method and so forth. They have wrong conception of wearing bra. Well, wear it properly is of great importance to the comfort and health of the female. To adjust your bra strap in a right method will also help a lot. Follow me to get the right wearing method.

First of all, you may loosen the bra straps. Put on your bra and clip the Flame retardant sock band. But you should leave shoulder straps loose.

Second, locate the adjustment clips on the straps. Many clips are in the back and require you to slip the strap off each shoulder to adjust it actually. Then slip them back on.

Third, tighten the straps until they fit snugly on your shoulders. Attention please, there are many people have different breasts, one bigger than another, right? So, what should you do to adjust it properly? You may make individual adjustments for each cup by adjusting one strap more tightly than another.

Fourth, you can stand in front of mirror to check if the bra fits smoothly and ensure that your breasts are inside the bra cups. And ensure that your bra straps lie flat against your chest. You need to buy a different bra with different style or size of the bra if the straps do not lie flat or dig in since the bra straps can't support the weight of your bust.

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