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How to Wash Your Bra Properly?

There are various kinds of bra for your selection, like Flame retardant sock, bra with different cups and so forth. Generally, bra is worn next to your skin, so there is no doubt that we should clean or wash it regularly or frequently to make it free of dirt, sweat and grime. It is a problem that unproper wash may contribute to the distortion actually. How to wash it properly? Here you can get solution.

Prepare things that you will need, like mild detergent, lingerie bag and so forth. Generally, professionals suggest that the bra should be washed before you wearing it the first time. Well, hand washing is the best way to keep its shape. As we all know that machine-washing underwire bras can result in the wire coming out and lodging in your washing machine. You'd better put your bras inside a lingerie bag if you wash bras in washing machine. You are not advised to use harsh detergents on your bra since it is not only bad for the bra, but also cause irritation around your nipples or skin.

First of all, before you washing, fasten the hooks on the bra and it will prevent them catching on trim or on other clothes.

Second, use cool water and gentle soap to wash it by your hands. Place your bra in the lingerie bag if you machine wash it actually.

Third, use mild detergent to wash the bra in cool water on the delicate cycle.

Last but not least, you should dry it naturally in the good ventilated place actually.

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