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How Many Bra Types Do You Know?

Bra is of great importance to the female actually. It was designed to support women's breasts to prevent sagging and so forth. And the form of bra before was simple. With the development of society and the requirements of consumers, bra plays a more and more important role in supporting and enchancing a woman's image. There are various kinds of bras both in domestic and international markets, like bras with full support, no straps and so forth. Here we will give you a brief introduction.

First of all, let's talk something about the push up bra. It is designed to add lift and cleavage to the breasts. To make the breasts fuller and more natural, the bottom portion of the cup is designed to contain extra padding actually. The padding materials can differ from foam to silicone inserts or water sacks and so forth. So, you can choose it according to your own requirements.

Second, the convertible bra. It makes it possible for you to change the straps on the bra to match the top you are wearing. For normal shirts and clothes, you can choose the bra with both shoulders. Or you can choose bra with racer back that crosses the straps over your back actually.

Third, full coverage bra. This kind of bra fully covers your breasts. All female can choose such kinds of bra actually, but it is designed especially for those who have larger breasts. The bra has underwire which cups, lifts and separates the breasts for the support that is needed. This kind of bra also can differ greatly in designs, colors, straps and so forth.

Fourth, sports bras which is designed for active women who love sports actually. Well, this kind of bras are made of comfortable, stretchable material that fits tight to the body actually to keep the breasts firmly in place. This kind of bra is needed when you do sports to prevent soft tissue damage to chest issue.

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