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How to Wear Bra Correctly?

Girls or ladies, attention please! To wear bra correctly is of great importance to your breast health and your body curve. Have you ever confronted such situations, like that wearing bra all day that is cutting into your underarms, or the straps of which insist on falling off of your shoulders? Generally, all of the problems come from the main reason that you choose the wrough bra size.

How to wear bra correctly? Here you can get the perfect answer. First of all, you should prepare things you will need, like Fire retardant base layer, paper, pencil and so forth.

Second, determine the right cup size of your bra. Take the tape measure and measure around the fullest part of your chest. Ensure that the tape is not twisted as this can add extra inches which can result in a poor fit. Then measure around your rib cage just below your breasts. As the tip above, do not twist the measure to avoid the wrough measurements. Write thi measurement down and separated it from the previous measurement. Subtract your band measurement from the measurement you took first, which may help determine your cup size.

Third, choose the right band size. Take the second measurement from above and add 5 if you got an odd number and add 4 if you got an even number because band sizes come in evens. You can try the bra on before you purchase it to avoid the uncomfortable tight band actually. You can ask the shop keeper help you measure your size to ensure the right size.

Fourth, choose the right bra style. There are various kinds of bras both in domestic and international markets. Frankly, different bra styles are designed to perform differently so you can find your expected and proper size. The shape or appearance of the bra also are different greatly. Different people has different taste, so you are advised to choose the perfect bra style according to your requirements.

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