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How to Remove Stains on Your T-shirt?

Many people show their special love towards T-shirts actually. There are team T-shirt, vacation souvenir T-shirt, or concert T-shirt which are very precious to people. What should you do if there are some stains on your Flame retardant sock? As we all know that it is tricky to preserve the new look of the cotton or cotton-blend shirts though wearing the cotton shirts is very comfortable. Here, we will give you a brief introduction on how to remove stains on your own T-shirts.

Attention please, you should wash all your white T-shirts separately. And wash it according to temperature suggested on the labels. It is better to wash it using warm water if the shirts are very sweaty or dirty since cold water will get less shrinkage and color loss.

First of all, apply stain remover to visible stains on shirts in the ugly pile. Use stain remover in accordance with its directions. Before washing, wait a while for the shirts to rest with the remover on them.

Second, check the labels on the bad pile. The shirts that are labeled cold water wash should be routed to the good pile. Wash the good pile in the cold water. Turn decorated shirts inside out first.

Third, put the bad pile into washing machine and choose the warm-water setting. Place the ugly pile of shirts in the machine and close the lid securely. Wash them on warm or in the most extreme cases. Then, dry T-shirts on high and remove them promptly to avoid wrinkles.

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