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Measuring the Bra Size Properly Is Important

There are various kins of bras for your selection, like sling bra, sport bra, pushup bra, and so forth. It is necessary to all women. Well, the proper bra should be comfortable and supportive. But most girls or women do not know how to choose the proper size actually. Well, here we will tell you how to measure your bra size properly.

Generally, to measure your bra size means to match your chest size to your breast size. There are some differences between these sizes. To determine your overall bra size, you should compare and combine these sizes actually. Only when you measure it accurately, can you find your the excellent bras that fit your body type. You may need a flexible tape measure to accomplish the measurement.

First of all, hold one end of your flexible tape measure directly above your breasts. Wrap the other end of the tape measure under your armpits and around your back. The two ends of the tape measure should meet above your breasts.

Second, to see the measurement of your chest size, you should examine the tape measure. Remove the tape measure and place one end of it on top of your nipples. Wrap the tape measure under your nearest armpit behind your back. Under your other armpit and across the center of your breasts until the two ends of the tape measure meet.

Third, examine the tape measure to view the measurement of your breast size. You can determine your cup size by comparing the chest size and breast size measurements. For example, you will need an AA cup bra if the two measurements are the same. You need an A cup bra if the breast size is 1 inch bigger than your chest size. You will need a B or C or D cup bra if the breast size 2 or 3 or 4 inches than the chest size.

Fourth, determine your overall bra size by combining your chest size and your cup size. For example, you should wear a 34B bra if your chest measures 34 inches and your breasts are B cup size.

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