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The Classifications of T-Shirts

There are various kinds of T-shirts both in domestic and international markets. The T-shirt is a classic fashion stable, just like blue jeans. People tend to wear them together as the casual actually. Generally, it can be made of cotton, polyester and jersey. It is collarless with different shapes. Well, it was made to wear under clothing actually. This kind of shirt was popular after World War II actually.

Nowadays, you can see different kinds of T-shirts easily here and there. People love it since it is casual and comfortable. It can be classified into different types according to different classification standards.

For example, you can classify it by its neckline. The neckline is used to describe the shape of the hole you slide your head through to put the shirt on. There are crew neck, V-neck and U-neck. Well, the crew neck is circular and fits closely to the neck of the wearer, while v-neckline is in a v shape. There are both conservative and less modest deep V types actually. There are also U-neck T-shirts which are named after its U shape.

Well, the T-shirts also can be classified according to the fit and length. The traditional T-shirts are worn close to the body, while man's T-shirts are more loose actually. Women tend to wear the fitted shirts while men tend to wear the loose one actually. Taking the cropped T-shirts for example, they are usually loose fitting, but also can be very fitted. This kind of T-shirt is usually at the hip of the wearer. Also it can be as long as the knees or as short as belly button actually.

What's more, it can be different in designs, like colors, styles, and so forth. Designed in different shapes, it can be worn to give a different feeling. There are also many DIY T-shirts both in domestic and international markets. For example, you can choose the white or pure color shirt, then paint it by yourself. Frankly speaking, we are one of the leading manufacturers of T-shirts and we have great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad for high quality and competitive price. To find more detailed information about our products and services, you are advised to visit our website: http://www.yonglee.com or click on the Fire retardant base layer

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