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How to Decorate Your T-Shirts by Yourself?

Nowadays, more and more people tend to pursue personality. Well, as a result, you can see more and more people wear the T-shirts/Flame retardant sock in different designs. Actually, you can make your own design after you look through the follwing articles carefully.

First of all, prepare things that you will need, like plain T-shirts in various colors, paper, pencil, fabric paints, paint brushes in various sizes, various items to use as stamps, fabric glue, plastic gems and so forth.

Second, you'd better choose the T-shirt with pure color. Wash and dry it. You should evaluate different T-shirts since they will affect the effect of the paint and glue to adhere to the fibers of the fabric.

Third, imagine the designs of your T-shirts. There are many fashion or special elements that can be added to your shirts. For example, there are popular stars, your favorite animals, logos, images and so forth. You can draw out your ideas with pencil and paper first. This can make it much easier to success when you draw on your T-shirt.

Fourth, when you paint your T-shirts, you are advised to use the fabric paints and paint brushes. There are many people who are afraid of making mistakes when painting. It is not necessary actually. Frankly speaking, the imperfections are the parts of the charm and personality of your T-shirt actually.

You can apply paint to sponges and press them gently but firmly onto your shirts. Well, you also can choose to use fabric glue to affix plastic gems to add embellishment and flair to the T-shirts as long as you like.

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