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Shanghai Wanyu Science Technology Development Co., Ltd


Shanghai Wanyu Science Technology Development Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in business selling operating lamp medical equipment to the operating room equipment, primarily marketing; concurrently Intelligent Building System.

WEIPU connector


With hard work and experience, Weipu industry has became a leading circular connector manufacturer in China. It is especially experienced for outdoor and waterproof connectors. Its comprehensive series can meet most of requirements and harsh working environments. The connectors are widely used on different machines, equipment, communications, lights, trains, ships etc. Today you can find Weipu connectors on different products all over the world.

Shanghai Sheenly Lighting Co., Ltd.


Sheenly Lighting is the professional LED lighting manufacturer for LED panel light, LED downlight, LED T8 tubes, and LED bulbs.Sheenly only makes high quality LED lighting products, all Sheenly products are CE certified, RoHS compliant and at least 3 years guarantee.

An led panel light is an array of individually placed light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that is designed to display specific video patterns and animation from a distance.

The led downlight is a light bulb alternative for indoor or outdoor lighting. This fixture shines LED light from a hole in the ceiling. Such lights are popular because they use less energy, produce less heat, and emit more light than fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs.

Light Green International Co., Ltd.


It is one of the most professional and the largest LED manufacturers and suppliers in China. It means that you can get all kinds of affordable and saving energy led products in our company.

The led panel light is a wide beam light, illuminating bright and healthy lights. It original uses for basic billboard advertisements, store signs and gaming displays. More recently, led panel lights have been incorporated into general lighting displays because of their versatility over traditional lighting and their lower energy demands.

The term led downlight describes a light fixture that is installed into a hole in the ceiling. It is called a downlight because the light shines down from the ceiling. LED downlights are sometimes called recessed lights, pot lights, or can lights. The light can shine down broadly to light up a whole area or narrowly like a spotlight.

Shanghai Yonglee Textile CO.,LTD


Shanghai Yonglee Textile Co., Ltd is a professional international supplier of textiles and garments, including flame retardant socck and other qualified products. There are six subsidiary companies in this group. It manages a large number of quality-conscious, cost-effective producers who can deliver to a deadline for its customers.

Shanghai Synhong Industry Co., Ltd


Shanghai Synhong Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, an expert in supplying high-qualified balsa wooden raw materials as well as related industrial products, e.g. balsa sheet, balsa rectangle, flexible panel and other standard balsa sets.

Goodview Electronic Co., Ltd.


Established in 2005, Shanghai Goodview Electronic Co., Ltd focuses on commercial LCD display product development, manufacture and sales. Goodview already takes No.1 market share in China for several years.

An lcd ad display is a form of advertising that uses television screens to promote products and services. It is an advanced technology product, having been used for many years in the market. It can be used in customer service areas to aid in customer service or as a way of up-selling existing customers to higher levels of products or services.

The lcd video wall has a large screen that shows us dynamic pictures or videos. It is an excellent marketing tool, pocessing many advantages. Latest technology has entitled it new features and functions, such as high definition screen, three dimensional or fine visual feeling and so forth.

Shanghai Pudong Yuqiao Plastics Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Pudong Yuqiao Plastics Co., Ltd, founded in 1993, is a manufacturer with core competencies in the fields of wire cable management in China. It devotes itself to improvement of production and design, keep high quality, enhance productivity and meanwhile reduce cost.

A wire duct is a form of housing for a run of cables that has to pass a traffic area such as a doorway or be run up a wall without being seen. Depending on the environment and the intended use, the cable duct can be manufactured out of a number of materials. Materials range from plastics of any color to stainless steel.

The wiring duct has been widely used indoor and outdoor. It has super quality and can be used for many years with durable features. Different patterns and types as well as shapes enable it used for almost every place in industry.

Shanghai Jiangchun Trading Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Jiangchun Trading Co. Ltd is located in Xuhui District, Shanghai Guangang Economic Development Zone, China, which specializes in the business of used excavator and other used construction machinery such as bulldozers, cranes, loaders,road rollers,forklift, dumpers, etc.

Yi-yang metal structure (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


YiYang is a research and development, design, manufacturing, sales as one of the large enterprises. It was founded in early 2008, is located in 5164 East Road, Pudong, Shanghai, with a registered capital of 11.98 million yuan, 2 years. The company has introduced advanced production equipment from at home and abroad, and has a strong management team, excellent technical staff, professional construction and after-sales service.

The wrought iron fence has the function of protecting house safe and decoration. Different material and sizes as well as patterns fence can be found in the market both at home and abroad. It has been designed into more humane types and can be more superior.

The wrought iron stair rail is used to strengthen the stairs and prevent people who is walking on the stairs from falling. With special design, the appearance of it is very charming compared to previous. Security and good looking are its evident features. Yiyang provides different types, sizes and materials stair rails to you.

The brass stair rail plays an important role in preventing us to fall from the stairs and helping us climb the stairs.?It is durable and beautiful nowadays. Its installation is also easy to learn, so if you have a need, brass stair rail is a good choice for you.

Custom Bobblehead Maker


Whoofgift is a leading supplier with a long reputation. It has the ability and professional skill to custom bobblehead and hold itself to a high standard. It judges itself not according to the smile on its cute little faces, but by the great big smile on its customer's faces when they open the box and reveal its own personal masterpiece.

If you have a requirement in a gift, the custom bobbleheads are your good choice. With professional knowledge and hand sculpting skill, the bobblehead will be in super patter. You just need to provide your photo to the company. Besides, the material of them is all selected that can be stored for long.

Shanghai Boom Industry Co.,ltd.


Shanghai Boom Industry Co.,ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of tube making machine, injection mould, packing machine and related equipments and materials in China.

The emulsifying machine is a newly developed product, can be used in a broad range of applications, like adhesives, paints, and coatings, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, resins, printings, dyeing, printing ink, asphalt and other industries.

The liquid filling machines can help increase production speed and make your work much easier actually. It has been used to fill liquid, like oil, water, cosmetics, chemical, shampoo and so forth. Different patterns and material machines are available nowadays.

Nowadays, laminated tube machine has been widely used. With the latest technology, the machine is more durable and useful. The material of it is also selected to be suitable to use. There are so many types and patterns that as long as you have a need, you can find the corresponding product online.

The PE film winder is well known among consumers both at home and abroad in industry areas, like food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical and so forth. It can be found easily both in domestic and international markets. Choosing it from online shops will be a good choice if you want to save time and money.

Shanghai Mandarin Industry Co., Ltd.


Established in 1997, and with the continuous striving for excellence, Shanghai Mandarin Industry Co., Ltd. has become one of the main professional exporters of electric power tools in China.Currently it specializes in handy power tools such as HVLP spray gun, angle grinders,circular saws, electric planers, and so on.

Shanghai Leiqiong Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd.


Shanghai Leiqiong Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in January,2009, located in Minhang Pujiang Town, is a LED lighting company dedicated on research and development of sustainable solid state lighting products solutions.

An LED tube resembles a fluorescent light tube externally and can be used in fluorescent light fixtures, but is made up of a series of LED lights housed within a flexible, non-breakable tube. LED tubes are energy-saving replacement alternatives to traditional florescent lights.

The led flood light is one of the led lights, using of high-powered light bulbs to illuminate a large, outdoor space. It is permanently installed in place and requires the electricity. It has many advantages and features that can be used widely.

Jiangsu Longen Power Equipment Co., Ltd


Jiangsu Longen Power Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of diesel generator in china. Established in 2003, located in Binhai industry zone, Qidong, Jiangsu Province, PRC. With more than 10,000 square meters workshop.

A diesel generator is a device used to convert the energy stored in diesel fuel into the electrical energy used by household and industrial devices. A diesel internal combustion engine, similar to those found in some cars and trucks, burns diesel fuel and uses the energy to turn a shaft.

The lighting plant is usually used for industry, mining. It can illuminate bright light in dark. With it, workers can work in the night time. The device is movable that can be moved to various places easily. It is easy to install and maintain, so the machine is popular.

Shanghai Qilong Chemical Co., Ltd


QILONG- is a key hydrocarbon resin manufacturer in China. At present time, it has three hydrocarbon resin plants in operation in total and they are located in zibo, Fushun and Nanjing.

The hydrocarbon resin is a type of polyethylene resin refers to gases or liquids. It is an important industry material that has powerful functions. Usually, it is in the light color and no odor.

The petroleum resin has been used widely for industry and other fields. Such as packaging, toys, plastic shopping bags, gas pipes, hose, tubing, and machine parts and others. With it, our life can be more convenient and easy.

Shanghai Z&P Rubber Co., Ltd


Shanghai Z&P Rubber Co., Ltd is one of the runway technology leading enterprises,with 15 years experience in rubber products and?rubber granule, specializing in the production plastic particles ( particles ) of various specifications,which widely used in large and medium-sized sports venues runways and children venues venue facilities construction.

Fujian Zhenyun Plastics Industry CO.,LTD.


Founded in 1992, Fujian Zhenyun Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has been listed successfully in Singapore Stock Market in 2007. We are a comprehensive Sino-foreign joint venture company which is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing.

Water Pipe and Fittings are the important devices in our daily life. It is specially designed to transport treated drinking water to consumers. There are different sizes and patterns available and all of them are equipped with more durable material and properties nowadays.

Drainage Pipe and Fittings are pipes that remove water from a particular area. Some pipes are meant to drain water off roofs, while others are used to drain water away from land. This type of water removal is vital for preventing flooding of basements, damage to structures, soil erosion, and the creation of swamp-like conditions around a person's home or property.

The pvc pipes and fittings are the abbreviation of poly vinyl chloride pipe fittings, which typically are used to connect two sections or pieces of PVC pipe together. This connection creates a union of the two pieces, or offers an end piece for other items to be connected.

Shanghai Sanme Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd.


Shanghai Sanme Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd, located in China economic center-Shanghai, is a professional mining crushing machine and equipment manufacturer and a largescale corporate enterprise integrating product research and development, designing, sales and service together.

An impact crusher is a piece of heavy construction equipment people can use to reduce the size of things like rock, waste concrete, and similar materials. The operator feeds chunks of material into the machine's hopper and it crushes them, turning the pieces into small chunks of a more uniform size.

The stone crusher uses force to break the stones into a series of smaller pieces. Currently, there are so many types, sizes and patterns machines sold both at home and abroad. They play an important role in industry.

A rock crusher is a piece of heavy-duty equipment used in mining and industrial processes. It features a pair of large wheels or cylinders mounted on horizontal axis. When rocks pass between the two cylinders, they are crushed or ground into smaller pieces.

A jaw crusher refers to a type of crusher. A crusher is a machine that breaks material, usually rocks, into smaller pieces. Jaw crushers are most often seen in mining or disposal, where they are used to break objects into smaller pieces.

The cone crusher is an essential part of the process of breaking rocks into smaller pieces. This conical-shaped machine's unique design filters and crushes rocks in a fraction of the time that it would take a person to do the job by hand. These machines are used in a variety of industries, such as mining and construction, and they tend to be used only on medium-hard rocks.

Shanghai Chuangshi Industry Group Co.,Ltd.


Brand gelpearl was born on the basis of the outstanding properties of CSI gel beads and its great popularity among our customers. This brand is established to standardize and improve the quality and service of the water beads CSI produced. For now brand gelpearl has Water Beads for Planting; Decoration, Gel Beads Hot; Cold Therapy and Gel Beads Air Freshener in its series.

The water beads are the items which are easily to purchase from marts and they play an important role in your daily life. You could use the water beads to keep your plant fresh and the beads could be used to make toys.

The gel bead is a type of polymer. Generally, it could also be names as water bead. It is durable and it could be used to make a variety of items, such as cold pack or hot packs and air freshener. The gel bead means no harm to human body and it would not pollute the environment.

If you want to remove the ugly odors in your house, you would need to use air freshener. Find the right type of air freshener would provide you with amounts of advantages. In addition, you would spray the air freshener in your office to smooth your feelings.

While you feel tired, you could choose to use cold hot pack. The cold packs could slow down the speed of blood and so the swelling would be reduced. On the contrary, hot packs could be used to make the blood gather at the affected areas, and so the healing process would be promoted.

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