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Why the emergence of T-shirt

From T-shirt material, the kinds of microfiber are high elastic fiber and polymer composites. It has replaced the original single cotton. People wearing T-shirts extended to all ages, but also deeply favored by the ladies. 1950s - 1960s, people in pursuit of comfortable, casual clothing functionality and the category becomes blurred. Resulting in casual clothing, what is casual wear? Tourism services, fitness sportswear are relaxed. simple, unfettered features clothing. T-shirt is contained in them, life, people are also referred to as “T-shirt."

T-shirts as casual clothes appear in every corner of the world. It's counter-culture. Anti-establishment symbolism has faded. T-shirts and jeans, jackets course, are inherently a good partner, but the wear on the inside is not suitable for everyday wear suits you have been out countless T-shirts with the kind of clothes to match even the Si. but it does not match what is. T-shirts are popular.
1998 flood disaster relief actors are mostly used as a T-shirt costume to show the people of disaster areas of the heart trouble. T-shirt is the most fashionable in CK, Ralph Lauren T-shirt male model for the times to fashion advertising image. Street dyed hair, wear loose mushroom cake. Wearing G-shock watch girls also like to wear a short tight psychedelic color T-shirt. It is worth mentioning that, regardless of printing. How the new fiber promote fashion T-shirt. White cotton T-shirt is still very sought after, especially in a period in the 1980s. It is said that a white T-shirt reminiscent of the 1950s. It is youth time permanently haunted me.

T -shirts designed to be simple. Style changes generally in the collar. Hem.

Early T-shirt is a large shape, with a skirt, shorts or jeans, the entire portfolio shows a healthy. Vibrant feel upward. In recent years, popular is fitting small T-shirt, which replaces the large T -shirt, with short skirts, was singing the main theme of summer clothing. This combination can fully demonstrate the beautiful woman's body, especially exposed belly T-shirt.

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