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Why the Middle Range Underwear Become Popular in China

Long time ago, Chinese people did not pay too much attention to the underwear. However, since the begin of 21th century, the middle range underwear become popular in China. Could you find another reasons for the popularity except the promotion of the manufacturers? There are several famous brands in China which have occupied the most important position in the underwear market. Some famous brands even have built their physical store in Nanjing Road, Shanghai, the most prosperous area in Chinese Mainland.

Compared with the underwear market in the past, the middle range underwear has occupied much more market share. There was once a time that there were two extremes, one extreme is extremely expensive while the other is unbelievably cheap. The mid-range underwear market was a black in the past. But with the development of the salary, Chinese began to care about their privacy and so they would be pleased to buy the underwear at reasonable price.

As we all know, the middle income group in China is so huge that the huge demand force more and more manufacturers begin their mid-range underwear business. Yong lee, whose foundation could date back to 1995, has engaged in manufacturing and researching underwear for more than 15 year. With the abundant experience and the reputation built among our customers, we could finally attract the customers from other countries. In the past few years, we have received the order from US, UK and some Asian countries.

If you are not earning too much and you want to improve your life with the high quality underwear, the middle range underwear could meet your requirement. Especially for the young people who have just graduated from school, the mid-range underwear is their best choice.

Our designers are endowed with the talents to design the underwear according to the interest of the middle come group. The customers are obsessed with our products and they do not to pay too much to get their satisfied clothes. Last but not the least, the middle range underwear we offer is made of the selected materials and we could guarantee its quality with the reputation we have hardly established.

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