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Why Britney Loves to Wear T Shirt?

Just a few days ago, Britney has been seen to walk with her new boy friend. Both of them are dressing with leisure wear. It seems that the famous people are obsessed with changing their mates. From the picture of Britney and her boyfriend, we could mistakenly believe that they would be together forever. She and her boy friend both wear the t shirt and casual pants. Her boyfriend's strong body could be identified obviously from the fitted t shirt. It seems that they match up with each other, however, the public is still confused about who is Britney's boy friend. Even though Britney is getting a lot of attention due to her public character, she has too many boy friends that the public could not identify them for sure.

Even the public figures are the normal people. Taking off their dazzling shine on the stage, they dress like us during daily life. The exaggerated costumes may be beautiful and charming, however, they could not fit the actors' body all the time. In fact, we could see that even the famous people love to wear t shirt for convenience. Some state leaders prefer to wear the t shirt inside of their formal clothes. We could find that even Chinese president, Xi Jinping wears the t shirt covered by his white official suit.

It is no wonder that every people has his own taste for the design of the clothes. But with no doubt in mind, no one could deny the attraction of t shirt. As the popular clothes for decades, both the design and the materials shirts has been developed. In order to make them fit human body better, some manufacturers choose to use the advanced materials to replace the traditional types. In addition, due to the easy design process, some teenagers who are obsessed with DIY items get the access to make their own t shirt.

While someone are still wondering who is Britney's boy friend, some people have realized the business opportunity through Britney's pictures. The t shirts which are designed as the same as Britney wears are available on the internet now. For the fans, it is no wonder that they want to collect every thing related to their idols. In fact, the design philosophy of t shirt should be innovation rather than following. Although it could help the manufacturers to earn temporary profits by producing the shirts of the famous people, the better way is to create their own fashion.

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