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Which Kinds of Sports Sock Materials Is Better for You?

Sports socks are necessary for athlets and people who love excercise. There are various kinds of sports socks both in domestic and international markets actually. And different sports may call for different Flame retardant sock actually. For example, when running, you may need to wear  knee-length socks to warm your legs as a substitue for running tights during cold winter. And you should buy and wear low-cut, anklet or quarter crew socks for avoiding more materials around your legs actually. Well, knee-length socks are typically required if you wear with shin guards.

Generally speaking, cotton and wool are the two traditional materials for socks. But there are also other materials that can be used to make socks, like nylon, polyester, acryllic, polypropylene, spandex.

Cotton socks are inexpensive actually. Cotton sock is also comfortable to wear. There are various kinds of cotton socks and they are really popular among consumers. It also can absorb sweat and help emit heat.

Socks made of wool are useful for cold situations. Wool socks are useful for some cold situations, but like cotton, they absorb water. Wool socks retain the ability to insulate when wet, but this can lead to the hot-and-sweaty scenario.

Well, nylon sock is durable and resistant. For socks that undergo lots of pulling and stretching, this kind of material is perfect actually. Compared to other synthetics, nylon absorbs relatively large amount of water.

There are also sports sock made of flame retardant materials, polyester, acryllic, polypropylene, spandex and so forth. You are advised to visit our website for more detailed information about socks,like flame retardant socks. We are one of the popular manufacturers and suppliers of socks and T-shirts. We have great reputation among consumers for our high quality and competitive price. Our Fire retardant base layer website: www.yonglee.com

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