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Which Kind of Bra Is More Suitable for You?

Bra is different greatly in sizes, style and so forth. And there are mainly tow of the most common types, demi-cup bras and full coverage bras. There is no doubt that different people should choose different bra in according to their own breast size and shape actually. Generally, full coverage bra is exactly designed to cover and support your entire breasts. On the contrary, the demi bra is cut out to expose the upper portion of your breast to make you seem more sexy and charming. Generally, it is difficult to tell which kind of bra is more suitable for you. Here we will give you some tips.

First of all, take consideration of whether it is fit for you. This can be regarded as the most primary concern. It will look ugly and make you painful if it does not fit properly. A properly fitting bra should have straps which fit smoothly and snugly along your body. Ensure that the shouder straps should not dig into your shoulders and the underwire should not gouge your breasts.

Second, take consideration of the bra style. The bra is different greatly in materials and colors. Generally, cotto material bra is a good choice since it is soft and comfortable and easy to wash. So, if you want to wear comfortable, you are advised to choose cotton bra. Well, lace bra is sexy and hot. It should be the perfect choice for girls or women who want to seem more sexy. In addition, you should choose the bra according to your garments.

Third, make a comparison between full coverage bras and demi bras. Generally, full coverage bras tend to be more practical and less stylish and sexy. And full coverage bra is the ideal choice for large breast women and nursing mothers. However, in comparison with full coverage bra, demi bra may not provide the necessary support. It should be the perfect choice for smaller breasted women. This kind of bra is also useful for low cut tops.

Attention, when buying or wearing demi bras, you should be care since the breasts may appear bulgy or cut off if the bra does not fit properly. Pull a shirt on over it to see how the fabric drapes when trying on a demi bra. For more Fire retardant base layer information, you are advised to visit our official website: www.yonglee.com

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