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Whether It Is Bad to Wear Bra When You Sleep?

There are rumors that wearing bra during nighttime will lead to breast cancer. Although no study has ever proved conclusively that breast cancer was directly connected with nighttime bra wearing, it is not good to wear bra all the time, especially when you are sleeping. To wear bra seems a necessity to almost all women. Although wearing bra all night can give additional support to do little help on avoiding unshaped breasts by giving additional supports, you are advised to take it off to give your breasts more free space to growth and breathe actually.

Bras are created to support breasts which can keep the breasts lifted and firm. There are various kinds of bras both in domestic and international markets for your selection and you surely should wear the proper size to keep your breasts healthy and beautiful. However, there have been a few questions in recent years over whether wearing a bra long term can cause breast cancer. It is also said that wearing certain bra types, like underwire bras many hours can constrict the lymphatic system, which is meant to filter toxins out of the body. Then breast cancer will come into being. The breasts do have a large amount of the lymphatic system running through them, the fluid flows up to the breast and out toward the armpit. This would prevent the toxins from settling into the breast tissue and getting trapped by the underwire.

Although no study can give the conclusively proof that there are direction connection between breast cancer and nighttime bra wearing, you'd better not wear your bra at night actually. At least, it will make you feel more comfortable actually.

As to women, you should wear bra correctly and comfortably. It is not a good choice to wear underwire bras that leave a redness or marks on your skin. Comfortable feeling is the basic requirements for wearing a bra actually. For more Fire retardant base layer information, you can visit the website of Shanghai Yonglee. Our website: www.yonglee.com

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