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What Is the Right Way to Wear Underwear?

Do you know the right way to wear underwear? Although even everyone is wearing the underwear, but I am afraid that not all of them are familiar with the proper manner to dress underwear. For example, for the women, the underwear they wear should be harmony and unity to their suits. The proper color should be similar to the color of the suits and so the underwear's color would not leak.

For the women who work in official occasions, they should avoid to wear the underwear which is too sexy, and the unassuming underwear which is in accordance with the mainstream culture should be their best choice. Of course, the comfortable feelings are of utmost importance. When it comes to the thermal underwear which is bloated but could keep women warm, some women prefer to choose it for its warmth while some women avoid to choose it for its ugly appearance. Well, in my opinion, according to the different occasions, women could choose to consider more temperature or the scenarios.

Women should make sure that their underwear is covered properly. While they feel uncomfortable, they should find the nearest place to adjust, for example, the bathroom should be suitable for them to adjust the underwear to the right place. They should not dry their underwear in the sight of the others. In some areas, it is illegal to dry the underwear even in your own balcony and it is considered as the tease from the sex workers.

Other would consider your cultural literacy as poor level if you order underwear in front of a gentleman. At the same time, women should avoid to show their underwear in front of others and wash the underwear frequently to keep it clean. The transparent underwear is too sexy and it is not recommended to wear in official occasions.

For the men, they need to wear underwear with good manner as well. Even while the climate becomes too cold, they should not wear the underwear which is too loose. The tight sweater should be perfect to keep them warm and show their body figure at the same time. If you are in need of more information about the good manner to wear underwear, welcome to visit: http://www.yonglee.com

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