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What Can Your Common Sock Be Used for?

Common socks can be reused or it can be used in many other ways actually, as well as Flame retardant sock. For example, it can be used to polish your shoes, make a doll and so forth. Here, we will give you more detailed information about how can the common sock be used for? Here are some details.

First of all, make a dust rag. Slip the sock on your hand. Dampen it with water or a furniture polish and clean way. Socks are good for furniture, window sills, computer screens, floor spills, handles and so forth.

Second, you can use it to polish shoes. Old socks make great shoe polishers and you can use them to shine the shoe after polishing.

Third, make a homemade hacky sack. The hacky sack is a small cloth ball filled with small beads or beans. You can cut off about half the top part of a long sock and about three quarters for a short sock. Use dried rice, dried peas to fill the sock. Sew it to give it a ball shape.

Fourth, you can use it to make a sock doll, like sock monkey, sock puppet and so forth. Use beans or rice to fill the sock. Glue, sew or draw on eyes, nose and mouth. Make the hair of the dolls by cutting up another old sock.

Fifth, you also can use the socks to wash car or bike. A sock over the hand and you have an instant cleaning cloth that is soft enough for the car body or bike frame.

There are also many other uses available. For more detailed information about how to make sock dolls or use it for other uses, you can visit our website: www.yonglee.com

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