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What Are the Common Types of Socks?

Socks can be regarded as the necessities in our daily life. There are various kind of socks, like athletic socks, dress socks, Flame retardant sock and so forth. The socks can be divided by appearance, function, materials, sizes and so forth. You can find it easily in department stores and specialty shops.

Taking athletic socks for an example, they are designed for specific functions. This kind of sock is usually made from cotton or other materials which will wick moisture away from the foot, keeping feet dry during athletic activity. There are many athletic socks that are designed to go just to the ankle to allow circulation around the calf while goes up the calf. It can protect your ankle when you do sports.

Novelty socks are also very popular among consumers since they are printed with colorful designs. These kinds of socks also can be found easily both in domestic and international markets actually.

Well, there are also dress socks which are designed for formal wear. As to females, stockings will be the perfect choice since the stockings can make their legs seem beautiful and sexy. Dress sock designs are thin and usually made from silk. The color of the sock is in accordance with suits and dress shoes.

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