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Wearing Flame Retardant Clothes Provide Safety Assurance

FRC, or the flame retardant clothes, including flame retardant sock, is of great importance in some special occasions. There are guidelines on buying the right types of flame resistant clothes for the workplace, there seem to be none that tell employers or employees how to use or wear the FRC properly. Perhaps, the following instruction will give you some help.

First of all, you are advised to choose a proper FRC. You are advised to choose the clothes that are big enough for there to be space between your undergarments and the flame resistant clothing you are wearing. The function of the fire retardant base layer is to reduce the heat level that transfer through the clothes if you are exposed to a flash fire. As we know, may manmade fabrics will actually melt in the event of exposure to a flash fire. But, wearing loose fitting FRC can lead to trips, falls or other issues. So, you are advised to choose a proper clothe.

Second, the flame retardant clothes should be free of flammable chemicals and soils or stains. When you are working with flammable materials, you are advised to pay attention to this to ensure that soiled garments are swapped with clean ones when you do interact with potentially fire-inducing materials.

Third, it is also important to cover up more of your body and ensure that your outer layer is completely covered in flame resistant clothes. To wear FRC underneath rain jackets or outerwear that is not flame resistant and think that you are entirely safe since the FRC will not offer your expected protection you need if you encounter some kinds of thermal event and the outwear or rain jacket melts. So, it is of great importance to ensure that you are fully covered.

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