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To Choose Proper Bra Can Increase Breast Size

Bras differ greatly in sizes, materials, shapes, cups and so forth. As we all know, different bras are created or designed to satisfy different kinds of requirements. For example, as to many women or girls with small breasts, they tend to choose padded bra or bra insert which can make their breasts seem bigger. But do you know how to select bra inserts or the padded bras? Here we will give you a brief introduction.

First of all, you are advised to choose the fitted size. Frankly, padded bras, like other bras, are designed to add at least a cup size to your true size. If you do not want to make your breasts look awkward and unnatural, you should over-pad your cups actually.

Second, choose the bra of your style. Bra with square-cut tops is not a good choice since it will make your breasts seem flat. In contrast, the demi bras or bras that plunge in the front for maximum cleavage and breast definition will give a illusion of big breasts. Although cotton bras and inserts can make your breasts seem one or two cup sizes bigger, but it will too stiff and motionless. For a better effect or a more natual effect, you are advised to try silicone bra, water-filled bra, or gel-filled bra and inserts.

Third, choose proper materials. Generally, bras can be made from nylon, cotton, satin, lace and so forth. And you should choose different materials according to your own favorite and your dress. For example, if you wear loose-fitting clothing during intimate moments, you are advised to choose lace bras.

In addition, ensure that you have several padded bras if you need to wear it every day. And the tips above can be regarded as the tips when you choosing. For more detailed information about bras, you are advised to visit our Fire retardant base layer website: www.yonglee.com

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