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Tips on Sewing a Sports Bra

Sports bras offer your expected support and protection for women during physical activity. All women need a comfortable bra to protect their breasts. Actually, to creat your own sports bra seems an ideal choice. To make your own sports bra is a good way to explore how to make the accurate bra-band and cup size measurements.

Step 1
Prepare things you will need, like 1 yard activewear fabric, scissors, pins, sewing machines. Adjust the fit after sewing, as activewear cloth is stretchy and can affect fit. You are advised to add a piece of elastic into the seam for extra security at the bottom of the bra.

Step 2
What should you do if you have no ideas on what kinds of elements you will need in your new sports bra? You are advised to use a sports bra you own as the guideline. You can trace out the different pieces of the old sports bra onto newspaper or tracing paper, adding an extra half inch around each piece for seams and finishing.

Step 3
Pin the pattern pieces to your activewear cloth and cut them out carefully. Use two layers of cloth to make a sports bra for extra protection and strength. Before you pin on your pattern pieces, you should fold the activewear cloth in half. You will get two identical pieces for each element in the bra when you cut out the fabric.

Step 4
The front and back piece should be pined together with the right sides facing each other. Pin at the sides under arm and at the top of the shoulder. Use a zigzag stitch to screw these seams together.

Step 5
Fold over the unfinished edges around the entire sports bra. Use the zigzag stitch to sew them in place along the inside of the sports bra.

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