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Tips on How to Wash Sportswear

Outdoor sportswear can be regarded as the necessity to people who will do outdoor sports. There are some tips on how to wash sportswear actually. There are various kinds of sportswears both in domestic and international markets for your selection. And there are some tips you should know if you want to wash the sportswear well to keep it as new appearance.

First of all, clean or wash your sweaty and stinky clothes as soon as possible. Not throw it in a hamper if you have no time to wash it timely. You'd better hang them up instead of throwing it in hamper.

Second, add one cup of vinegar to your wash and wash it regularly. Use a gentle detergent. Or try a special laundry detergent designed specifically for performance clothes.

Third, hang up sports bras, cycling gloves and anything else with elastic to maintain the shape of the sportswears. The same features that wick moisture away will help dry quickly actually. Don't use fabric softeners on performance fabrics.

Fourth, pre-treat the sweat stains on light-colored sportswears with vinegar or stain-removal product before washing.

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