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Tips on How to Take of Your Sock

Socks can be made of different materials, like Flame retardant sock and there are various kinds of socks, like running socks, hiking socks and dress socks and so forth. There is no doubt that good socks made of goo material can give you a better feeling. Do you want to know how to take care of socks to prolong its life?

First of all, use mild detergent with 30 degree celsius to wash it. You can wash it by using washing machine or by your own hands.

Second, do not bleach or use harsh chemicals to wash the antibacterial socks and odor control socks.

Third, squeeze the socks and hang them to dry, and do not wring dry.

Fourth, you are not advised to dry clean. Do not iron it with iron.

Fifth, you are advised to keep your socks in pairs. When you collect it, you can roll or fold it in a seperate draw. And you can keep seperate summer and winter sock wardrobes.

What's more, to maintain your neat toenails will be a good way to prolong the life of your socks actually.

In addition, don't dry socks with dryer. High heat in dryer will shorten the life of your socks actually.

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