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Tips on How to Iron a Cotton T-shirt

T-shirt is popular among consumers for its comfort, fashion, and designs. As you can see, there are various kinds of T-shirts that can be found easily in stores or online shops. In order to iron cotton T-shirt, you should prepare things like clean T-shirt, spray bottle or electric iron with spray mist feature, padded ironing board so forth.

First of all, choose a proper iron. There are various kinds of irons both in domestic and international markets. You are advised to choose the right iron for the job you are doing. You should do fine with basic iron that presses and has a few different temperature settings to iron your cotton T-shirt.

Second, you may have selected an iron with steam or spray options. This means that you fill a water reservoir somewhere inside the iron with water and then press a button. The iron either converts the water to steam or sprays a jet of water.

Third, you should put the T-shirt on the ironing board with the narrow tip of athe ironing board through the neck of the shirt. Apply the iron and draw it across the shirt after the iron has heated up.

Fourth, rotate the shirt on the ironing board when you press out the wrinkles if you want to have a new surface on top of the ironing board. Use short strokes near the sleeves and neckline. You can remove the shirt and put the narrow tips of the ironing board through one sleeve actually.

Do the other sleeve with the step 4. To avoid the tendency to roll, you should be carefully when iron. For more detailed information about T-shirt, you are advised to visit our Fire retardant base layer website: www.yonglee.com

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