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Tips on How to Fix Your Sock Hole

What should you do if your Flame retardant sock has a hole? To fix the hole of the sock will be a better choice thant to throw it away. Some tips on how to fix the hole of your sock are available here. To do this, you may need things, like thread, scissors, lightbulb, needle and so forth.

First of all, you are advised to insert a lightbulb carefully into the sock where the hole is. To do this is to give you a smooth surface for you to work on actually. Then thread the darning needle with the thread that has the similar color as your sock. There is no need to knot the thread. Trim the ragged thread around the sock hole edges.

Second, use your needle and thread to stitch around a circle around the hole in your sock about 1/4 inch larger than the hole on every side. Complete the circle and add five more stitches. Then clip off the remaining thread.

Third, use another length of thread to rethread your darning needle. You should make a series of vertical lines all the way across the hole by starting at the top of the hole just outside the circle you have stitched. Weave your needle through the fabric when there is fabric.

Fourth, make horizontal stitches when you have covered the hole with vertical lines. Weave your needle under and over the vertical lines you just made. Make another six or seven running stitches once the entire area has been filled up. Clip off the remaining thread.

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