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Tips on How to Customize a T-shirt?

There are various kinds of T-shirts both in domestic and international markets. With simple steps, you can change your old and boring Flame retardant sock to a new cute one. And to customize your T-shirt will be fun and interesting. There is even no need for sewing machine and any body can try it as long as you have the interest.

First of all, order T-shirts customized with your artwork or text by using an online service. There are many websites can provide the T-shirt styles and colors for you to choose from.

Second, you can add your favorite photo to a T-shirt through photo developers actually. The photos can be chosen in according to your interests actually.

Third, use a cotton swab or bleach pen to apply bleach to colored T-shirt in a design of your choice. You can write words, and draw a sweet face on your T-shirt actually.

Fourth, you should swe beads on your hem. To customize it, you can sew  other materials Accessorize your fire retardant clothing. Sew beads on your sleeves or hem. Sew other fabrics on your T-shirt to customize it. Get creative with unusual accessories like straps, bows, plastic bags and jewelry. Cut holes in the sides and lace them up with leather ties or shoestrings.

Fifth, you can design it according to your own favorite design. To find more detailed information about T-shirt, you can visit our website actually. Shanghai Yonglee is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of T-shirts. Our website: www.yonglee.com

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