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Tips of Washing Flame Retardant Clothes

Flame retardant clothes,such as Flame retardant sock,flame retardant sleepwear,Fire retardant base layer,is becoming more and more popular in the market. Especially for kids,buying flame retardant clothes are very necessary. After we buy these clothes,it is very necessary for you to have more understanding about how to wash these clothes in the right way. Today,we will talk about how to wash flame retardant clothes,as following:

Step one

You need to wash in warm water between 105 and 120 degrees when you wash your flame retardant clothes . You should know that temperatures above 140 degrees may damage the material and break down the fire retardant properties. Besides,high temperatures may also cause the fabric to shrink or wrinkle, ruining its appearance.

Step two

You need to use a mild laundry detergent,which is not soap and does not contain the fats in soap. The fat in soap deteriorates the flame retardant capabilities. Most fire retardant clothing contains a label directing you to avoid soap. So laundry detergent is good choice.

Step three

You should avoid fabric softeners. These break down the chemicals used to create the fire retardant fabric.

Last step

You need to use tumble dry with low heat or line dry to prolong the effectiveness of the material. Then,you need to remove promptly and avoid over drying.

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