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Tips for Calculating Bra Size for Overweight People

Bras can be regarded as the necessities for females. There are different kinds of bras both in domestic and iternational markets which are different greatly in sizes, colors, styles, materials and so forth. According to the webstie data, most women are wearing bras of wrong size. Well, it is harmful to the health of their breasts and bodies actually. For overweight women who have larger, heavier breasts, a good bra that can provide good support for their breasts seems important and necessary. But, as to the overweight female, how should you do to calculate your bra size? Frankly, you can do it yourself at home. Here is the method!

Step 1
Prepare things you will need, like bra, cloth tape measure, pen, paper, bra size charts and so forth.

Step 2
You are advised to put on a comfortable bra. It is better not wear a padded or breast-minimizing bra if you want to get your right size actually.

Step 3
Then, you should hold one end of the tape measure to the breast bone above your breasts. Wrap it under your arms and across your back until it reaches the starting point on your breasts bone. Well, you should write this number down since it is your band size actually.

Step 4
This step tell you how to get your cup size. You can measure around your back and directly over your breasts. Hold one end of the tape in front of your chest and wrap the tape around  your back until it meets the first end over your breasts. This number you get is actually your cup size.

Step 5
Subtract the cup size and your band size that you get from the above step 4 and step 5. Please write down the right number which corresponds to your cup size.

Step 6
You can get your bra size after you plugging your number from step 3 and step 6 into a bra size chart. Then you can go to the bra stores to choose your expected bra brands with the right size.

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