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Simple Way to Make T-shirt

Are you confusing when choosing T-shirts in the market? There are various kinds of T-shirts both in domestic and international markets actually. Sometimes, you like the style of the T-shirt, but the size is not suitable. Sometimes, you love the color, but no the style. Sometimes, you like the design, but not the color, right? Why not make a T-shirt by yourself? I will give you a brief introduction on how to make T-shirt.

First of all, prepare things you will need, like T-shirt pattern, Flame retardant sock, sewing machine, scissors, pins, tracing wheel, dressmakers tracing paper.

Second, you can find a pattern of the shirt at your local craft store. You can design it according to your own favorites.

Third, trace the pattern you have chosen. Lay the material on a table or a flat surface and place the tracing paper on top of it. Pin the paper and material together. Follow instructions. Pin the pieces together as stated in the pattern.

Fourth, sew together. Sew each of the pieces together carefully.

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