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Simple Steps Tell You How to Prevent Bras From Rusting

To find that there are some rust stains on your bra will make you angry or annoyed, especially when the bra you purchase is expensive. As you may know, various kinds of reasons contribute to the rust stains actually. For example, Flame retardant sock, hooks, clasps, and under-wires itself can contribute to the rusting. And another reason is to use water including high iron content to wash your bras. The water may leave ugly rust stains that are difficult to remove. Here we will give you some tips on how to prevent bras from rusting.

First of all, prepare things you will need, like petroleum jelly, cotton swab, cloth, fan and so forth.

Second, check to see whether the water you use has high iron content. You can get chemical composition data about the water in your areas. You are advised to change water filtration system on your home water supply line to get rid of high iron content water. And use water softener system at or near the junction of the home plumbing.

Third, instead of rinsing out bras or washing them, use run household taps to eliminate rusty residue. Before you fill a basin to soak your delicates, ensure the water runs clear through the tap. Small tip! You canuse lemon juice to help bleach out visibly imperceptible amounts of rust that may be in water.

Fourth, use petroleum jelly to lubricate bra hooks and clasps. You should use a cotton swab to dab a proper tiny amount of the jelly on the metal clasp and avoid over use. Distribute the jelly over the hooks and fasteners that are exposed and use a soft cloth to dab off any excess jelly. This lubrication should be done ater every washing.

Fifth, fold your bra inside a towel and dry it out immediately after your washing. For more detailed information, you are advised to visit the official website of Shanghai Yonglee. We are the main manufacturers and suppliers of sports bras. Our website: www.yonglee.com

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