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Read This to Learn How to Stretch Out Your T-shirt

Various kinds of T-shirts are available in the markets for consumers. And they are really popular among countless people of all walks and different ages. T-shirts made of fire retardant base layer is also popular actually. Wearing the T-shirt is comfortable and relaxed. However, after frequent washing, some T-shirts will become snug for comfort. Well, to know how to stretch out your T-shirt will be a good way to keep your favorite T-shirt feel comfortable when you wear it.

In order to stretch out your T-shirt, you should prepare things you will need firstly, like T-shirt, or item needing to be stretched. You are advised to pull the shirt out of the washer and shake it out to allow some stretching without compromising the neck. If you have a severely snug shirt, you are advised to wash first and then air drying it.

Then, put the T-shirt on to gauge how stretchy  you prefer it. Then wash your T-shirt and allow it to air dry. You are advised to ball your hands into fists and move your hands around the front and side of the shirt stretching every so slightly. You are advised to repeat such process until your T-shirt is stretched enough.

In addition, you should turn the shirt around to make the tag is in front and repeat the process listed above.

You should do the above process without ripping the seams if you want to lengthen the shirt. Don't pull too hard though. If you want it to keep the stretch, you are advised to air dry it after your wash it each time.

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