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Print Picture on T-shirt With the Following Tips

T-shirt is popular among consumers since it is simple and comfortable to wear. They are desinged differently to fit for different requirements of consumers actually. Have you printed picture by yourselt to create your expected T-shirt? To print T-shirt, you will need to prepare things that you will need, like T-shirt, T-shirt thransfer paper, photo software, printer, plain paper, scissors, Fire retardant base layer, ironing board and so forth.

First of all, choose T-shirt transfer paper that is competible with the type of printer you have and the T-shirt color you want to use. For example, there are light color or dark color actually.

Second, use the photo editing software to open the picture you need. What should you do next is to crop the size of the picture to fit on the T-shirt transfer paper. Flip the picture horizontally if you want it to look the same on the T-shirt as it does on the screen, because the transfer process will make it come out backwards.

Third, print the picture you favorite on plain paper to ensure that it looks as you need. Perhaps, some adjustments are needed if you think it is not ok. You can follow the loading instruction of the printers to load one sheet of T-shirt transfer paper in your printer. A special tray or multipurpose slot will be needed.

Fourth, what should you do next is to print your favorite picture on the T-shirt transfer paper. There will be some excess transfer papers around the picture, and you should cut them off if necessary. Place the clean and dry cotton T-shirt on an ironing board or firm, heat-safe surface.

Fifth, set the iron to a high temperature to smooth the wrinkles in the T-shirt. Place the iron-on transfer on the T-shirt with the picture facing down. Let the transfer paper cool for a few seconds. Peel off the transfer paper backing at last.

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