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Never Piss a Girl Off With Uncomfortable Bra

Well, buddies. Now I want to share an awkward trouble which just happened yesterday. At the beginning, I think I need to tell you than I am Chinese and so the racist could go and chase themself. It is the Tanabata festival, which is well known as the Chinese Valentine's Day. So, you know, although I am a traditional Chinese man, I still want to add some temperament and interest during this special day. So I did the worst thing in my life -- I bought a bra for my girlfriend, yeah, in my opinion, it should be considered as the comfortable type. And I did not realize that it is the beginning of my adversity.

Frankly, I feel a little shamed while walking in the women' underwear store and pick one for my girlfriend. But when I imagined the surprise on her face, how romantic it would be! So who cares about the embarrassment! It costs me about 50 dollars to buy the little piece of cloth. I have never wasted such expense for myself before!

When I offer the bra to my girlfriend, she seems to be happy. But after she walks in another room and try the bra, she becomes angry. How could the girl be so capricious. She throws the bra to my face and her action seems to tell us that the relationship between us is over. I get the reason for her changing face from her best friend--I buy the wrong size. Wait a minute, do you guys know that the bra is designed with different sizes? Why the clerk hasn't told me while I picking the bra? Would the clerk considered me as a freak who is obsessed with women' underwear?

Since the size of the bra is not suitable, so my girlfriend think that the bra I buy is prepared for another one. Come on, who else would love a guy like me? It takes me more than one hour to explain the reason for the uncomfortable bra, and during the call, I should confirm that I have want to throw the phone for more than five times. The only conclusion I get from this thing is that you should never buy the uncomfortable bra for girls.

I would like to share some extra experience which I had just got. The uncomfortable bra consists of the loose type and the tight type. You should never consider the loose types may seen a little more comfortable since they would not cause too much friction. Girls who are too sensitive would consider it as an insultment. Are you trying to tell her that she is born with smaller breasts with the loose bra? So, buddies, if you want to cheer your girl up, you should better choose another gift for her if you do not have the courage to ask her size.

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