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Making Our Flame Retardant Clothes in the Right Way

Parents always pay more attention on kid's clothes and parents hope that kids can wear their clothes in the right. Indeed,it is very dangerous for kids,if their clothes can burst into flames. In order to solve this problem,we can find that there are some flame retardant clothes,such as Flame retardant sock,Fire retardant base layer which we can find in the market. In fact,parents also cam make kid's clothes flame retardant,if you can master some ways.

Washer,large bucket,gallon of water,9 ounces of 20 Mule Team Borax,4 ounces of boric acid and spray bottle are things we need to prepare. More information you need to read this article carefully.

First of all,you just need to wash clothes and rinse as usual. If some clothes can't be washed, you can spray the mixture on by using a spray bottle as usual.

Second,you need to mix a batch of flame retardant in a large bucket. Then add about nine ounces of 20 Mule Team Borax and 4 ounces of boric acid in one gallon of water.

Third,you can soak the clothes in the solution. You also can spray clothes on if the clothes can't be washed in water. Then you need to squeeze out the excess liquid and dry as usual.

Finally,after clothes washing and cleaning,you need to reapply the flame retardant mixture to these clothes. Now,you can finish your job.

Therefore,it is very easily for you to make flame retardant clothes for you kids,and you also can concerned about flame retardant clothes for you kids. Thanks for reading!

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