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Make Interesting Baby Doll With Socks

Do you have a cute baby? Do you want to make a cute doll for your kid by yourself? Actually, to make sock baby doll with your infant socks will be a perfect choice for you. This kind of doll made of socks, like Flame retardant sock, is soft and safe to little babies. Although you can find the dolls both in domestic and international markets, to make it by yourself will bring more interesting experience to you.

First of all, prepare things you will need, like three infant tube socks, pantyhose, yarn, needle and thread, small and fuzzy ball, nontoxic fabric markers and so forth.

Second, use pantyhose to stuff one of the infant tube socks. Tie the sock shut about 1/2 inch from the bottom with yarn. Fold over the remaining material from the sock opening to make a cap for the doll. Tack down the ends of the cap with the needle and thread, and sew a small and fuzzy ball on top.

Third, turn the second sock inside-out and cut off the toe right below the heel. You are advised to cut it vertically from the bottom of the sock toward the opening, stopping about 1/2 inch from the top. Stitch the open sides of the sock closed. Then turn the right sock right-side-out and stuff the two tubes with pantyhose. Slide the base of the first sock into the open top of the second sock. Fasten the second sock to the first sock with needle and thread. Well, you create doll legs now.

Fourth, make the arms for doll. Cut off the third sock right below the heel. Flip it over and cut off the base of the toe. Turn the sock inside-out and cut it half vertically. Sew up the long side of each strip and use pantyhose to stuff it.

Finally, make the head for the doll by cutting small piece of yarn and tie off the top third of the first sock. Draw a cute or charming face on the head with the markers. Then use needles and thread or sewing machine to attach the arms to the body.

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