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Let's Tell You New Way to Find a Proper Bra

Breast support and breast health are of great importance to female. Bra shopping will be a torture for you and your girls, especially when you don't know your true bra size. It is sorrow that about 85 percent of women wear the wrong one actually according to a 2011 study. Well, a standard bra fitting typically involves a tape measure and two numbers: the circumferences of your rib cage and the fullest part of your bust. And the first number is your band size and the difference between the two numbers is your cup size actually. Generally, 1 inch stands for A, 2 for B, 3 for C and so on.

You may measure your own breast size by yourself first before you buying the bra actually. We have given you the size standard above and you can measure it by yourself at home. Also, you can went to the lingeries store to let the specialist to measure it for you. A correct size is really important actually.

You also should choose the proper material. As we know, bra can be made of cotton material, fiber material, lace material, silk material and so forth. Different people may have different reactions to the materials. All in all, choose the proper one for yourself please. Or, it will be not comfortable for you to wear.

Choose a proper style. Style is also of great importance. There are sexy lingeries, sports bras and so forth. To choose a proper one for your proper cases will be an ideal choice for you. Match your bra to your dress.

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