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It Is Important to Wear Underwear Officially

For both women and men, they need to pay attention to their behaviour to wear underwear. At least, the underwear they choose should fit their bodies. For women, too flamboyant clothes are not recommended. Too tight underwear can bundle extra meat out and make you seem to be fatter. In summer, women should not wear too thin coat that the color of their underwear can leak. To avoid such embarrassing situation, the color of coat and bra should be harmony and unity. Especially for the women who work in official occasions, their underwear should better have etiquette.

The cultural literacy can be shown by the way you dress underwear. Sexy underwear can improve the entertainment in your sexual life, however, it is not polite to wear such clothes to attent official parties or other formal occasions. To be short, the theme of the underwear should not conflict with the surrounding environment. As we can watch from the video about series of ceremonies, the females always think more about scenarios than temperature. Too bloated underwear in cold weather can keep women warm, but it would make them loss their charm and attractiveness.

It is considered as indecent behaviour to expose the underwear to public. In public areas, if you find that your underwear is exposed without notice, you need to find the nearest bathroom to deal with it. And it is not polite to order underwear in sight of the elderly. Furthermore, it is illegal to dry your underwear at balconies. Although the balconies are your private areas, they can be seen by the public and it is considered as flirty behaviour to hang your underwear in sight of public.

Although the modern society is becoming open now, the right way to wear underwear is still important. For men, the black and white briefs are suitable. Shirts can be dressed as the underwear and other clothes are not suitable. If you wear other clothes, the collar needs to be hidden. And in cold weather, men can choose to wear tight sweater. Loose sweater is not the choice since it would damage the beauty of body line. And in addition, the cleanness of underwear is important for both man and women. Even though it is impossible for the others to notice the tidiness, it is a necessity to insure your health.

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