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Instruction on How to Remove Lettering on T-shirt

T-shirts are designed differently to satisfy different requriements. What will you do if you want to get the lettering off your T-shirt? The process can be dealt with iron or rubbing alcohol. As you may know, the lettering decals are usually made of vinyl and are painted on the shirt with fabric adhesives using iron or silk-screen press. Using some simple materials that can be found easily at your home can remove the lettering easily.

First of all, prepare things you will need, like Fire retardant base layer, cardboard, parchment paper, iron, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, washcloth, blunt knife.

Second, saturate the T-shirt with water and insert a piece of carboard between the front of the shirt and the back of the shirt. Set the iron at a level seven. Place a piece of parchment paper over the letter decal you want to remove.

Third, use light pressure to apply the iron to the parchment paper. Then move the iron over the parchment paper for up to ten seconds. Pull the parchment paper upward. Rewet the thirt and repeat the process if the letters comes up into pieces.

Or you can use rubbing alcohol method. Soak a cotton ball or washcloth in rubbing alcohol and turn the Flame retardant sock inside out and apply the cotton ball or washcloth to the backside of the lettering. Peel the lettering up by using blunt knife.

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