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How to Store and Iron T Shirt

To keep the style, you need to iron t shirt. The proper way to store and iron these clothes depend on the raw materials. No matter the t shirts are made from artificial or natural fibers, they should be hung up. To avoid being damaged by worms, mothball could be used. In order to protect your clothes from reacting with the mothball, the mothball should be covered by paper bag.

Prior to ironing t shirt, you need to check whether the precautions mentioned below have been noticed. The ironing board should be placed at the level surface. And the board should be covered by the heat shield. Referring to the washing symbols, you could determine the proper temperature of iron. You should be aware of that which temperature could suit the clothes. Most clothes could be ironed by steam.

The water contained in the iron should be suitable. Too much water would spill during ironing process and leads to clothes stains. The temperature of the iron should be increased gradually. After using the iron, the water should poured out completely. The water would rust the iron during long-term containing. And the heat shield should be removed from the board. If your t shirt is damaged by incorrect ironing process, you could make some remedial measures. For instance, if the glaring marks appear on t shirt due to too much iron, the steam could be used to recover it. If the situation is a little more serious, you could add few talcum powder on the surface of the clothes. Wait for 5 minutes and then cover the clothes with a piece of cloth. Finally, iron the covered clothes and they would recover the elegant look.

It is crucial to iron t shirt with proper tool. When it comes to other types of clothes, including business suits, you should inspect whether the clothes are placed correctly prior to ironing. While the iron is filled with water, the front side should be a little higher while it is placed on the board. Otherwise, the water would leak from it. And if scorch is caused by too much heat, you could mix the soda ash and water. Then the mixture could be used to remove the scorch.

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