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How to Remove Stain on T Shirt?

There are different kinds of pigment stains. Once they are attached on clothes, it would be hard to remove them. The way to remove the stains should depend on the color and property of the stains. If you want to learn how to clean t shirt, we are pleased that we could offer you several effective method.

If the pigments pollute t shirt, you could soak the shirt with dilute acetic acid and then clean it with hydrogen peroxide water. In addition, you can brush the shirt with turpentine and then wipe it with gasoline. No matter which method you choose, you need to wash the shirt with water in the end.

If your shirt is polluted by red ink, the first step should be washing it with clean water, then soak it into warm liquid soap. And finally, you could wash the shirt. If the shirt has been polluted for a long time, you can use 10% ethyl alcohol to wipe the stain. And when it comes to the stains caused by blue ink, it could be wiped by oxalic acid liquid.

To remove the Mercurochrome stains, you need to use oxalic acid liquid and potassium permanganate liquid step by step. And the main ingredients of gentian violet are made from gentian. As the common treatment, you may need it frequently and so you are able to pollute your shirt with it easily. To remove such stains, you need to soak shirt with water at the very beginning and then use cotton swab to paint oxalic acid liquid. If iodine pollutes the clothes, ethyl alcohol could be used to eliminate the stains.

When it comes to the yellowing shirts, you could soak them into the water used to wash rice. It is forbidden to use colored water since it may dye the shirt. In order to dispose of verdigris on your shirt, you must be careful since it is toxic. These stains could be removed by warm acetic acid and saline solution. In summary, when you want to remove the stains on your t shirt, at the very beginning, you need to determine the material. Since the method to eliminate different materials is complicated, you could search on the internet while you are confused.

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