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How to Make Your Own Custom Underwear?

Sometimes, you may need to create your own custom underwear. When I said "sometimes" I means that some people are born with small or large bodies and so there are less stylish underwear designed for them. Or in some situations, some people need to wear some special types of underwear to protect their privacy, for example, the famous starts should be much careful to cover their underwear while they are attending some celebrations or parties dressed in sexy suits. Or maybe they just do not like the already-made types and they want to make the DIY underwear to show their charm.

Before making you custom underwear, you need to prepare some types of material first, such as the seam ripper, poster board, matching thread, old well-fitting underwear and so on. Then you could start with tearing the old underwear with the seam rippers. Tear away at the threads which are holding the parts of underwear together. If you want to protect the fabric from tearing apart, you could cut down the threads as well.

Generally, the underwear would be separated into three pieces. Put the parts on the poster board and draw the templates of the underwear. The templates should be a little larger than the underwear since you need to seam the edges. Cut out the templates and put them on the fabric you are going to use to create your underwear. Cut the fabric out as the trace of the templates.

Then you need to iron all the parts of the fabric and pin them together. Use the sewing machine to sew the parts together and remove the pins. If you want to add some patterns on the underwear to enhance the attractiveness, you could paint the underwear with some special paint which would not flake off over time. Of course, if you are a qualified  tailor, you could sew the patterns with the silk threads with different colors.

Finally, you have made your own custom underwear. Remember to choose the right material before making the underwear. The furry  material should not be chosen since they are easy to pill. You need to remember to change and wash the underwear frequently. After washing, you should better hang it and rely on the sun for drying. The sunshine could kill the left bacteria and keep your health. If you want to know more information about the underwear, welcome to visit our website: http://www.yonglee.com

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