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How to Clean and Maintain T Shirt?

A nice t shirt should be made from soft and flexible materials. Wearer could feel comfortable and cool in it. The right way to clean and maintain t shirt could prolong its service life. For instance, when you need to clean it, you should avoid to rub the patterns printed on it. Instead of washing machine, it should be washed by hand. To protect the style from being out of shape, the shirt should dry in the air rather than being dried by dryer. In addition, you should not drag the neckline while hanging the shirt.

Prior to dealing with the clothes, it is essential to be aware of the materials. Thereby, you could avoid to damage them. Different materials need to be dealt with different methods.

How to maintain t shirt made from cotton?
Acid would corrode the cotton. Thus, while the clothes are attached by acid materials, you should better wash them as soon as possible. It is much more difficult to remove the everlasting spill. On the contrary, the alkali would not harm the cotton. So the alkali cleaner is the nice solution. Sunlight would oxidize the cotton. White clothes would become yellow. To protect the clothes, solarization needs to be avoided. If the clothes become yellow gradually over time, you can boil them with the mixture of abluent and water.

How to protect t shirt made from synthetic fiber?
There are different types of synthetic fibers. Nylon clothes are difficult to fade, however, they are easy to dye. Prior to cleaning these clothes, they should be separated with others with dark colors. Nylon is easy to dry without dryer. When you need to iron goods made from nylon, the temperature should be lower than 140°.

How to hang t shirt?
No matter the shirt is made from which type of fibers, it should not be dried under strong sunlight. The best way is to dry it in the cool and ventilated area. In addition, you need to pay attention to the wind direction. Due to the worsening air pollution, there are amounts of dust contained in the air. If you ignore the importance of wind direction, dusts would adhere to your shirts. With the proper way to clean and maintain t shirt, both the color and style could be retained.

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