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Girls Need to Find the Bra With Right Size

Girls need to choose the bra with right size to fit their bodies. In order to choose the right bra, they need to pay attention the the size of chest and the cup. The chest size means the part which covers the chests of the girls and surround their backs. The cups are the parts of the bra which are used to run across the breasts. In order to meet different requirements, womens underwear come into different sizes.

Girls need to make sure that both the chest size and the cup size are suitable. While the size is too small, girls would not feel comfortable. On the contrary, while the size is too large, the bra would be too loose to hold the girls' breasts. In addition, only with the suitable bras, the bodies would look charmful under clothes.

Thereby, girls need to calculate the size of their chests and cups. It is not difficult to measure the size in the girls' own room and all they need is a tape measure. There are two professional methods to calculate the size of chest. One of the methods is running the tape under the breasts and surround your back. Add 5 inches to the measurement and girls would get the size of their chests. Another method is less accurate but much easier. Girls only need to run the tape across the chests and across the back without any addition.

Girls could choose the bra which is a little smaller than the size they measured since the bra would stretch over time. While estimating the size of cups, girls need to make sure that the tape measure runs across the fullest part of the breasts. They should not make the tape too loose or too tight. Use this number to subtract the size of chest, girls would get the size of cups. 1 inch is the A cup and 2 inches means B cup and so on.

In addition, different styles of bras would make the girls' bodies seem different. The sports bra would make the breasts too flat but it would help girls feel comfortable while taking exercise. While you are not sure about the size of bra you should wear, you could take the advice of you mom. She would be pleased to help you measure your size. Or you could consult with the assistants in the underwear store, she would give your the professional advice based on her abundant experiences.

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